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Hayho! Happy New Year, although it’s very late. I’m upgrading most of my blogs right now and also updating plugins. It’s not exactly good that I blogged just now but at least I’m here, right? Right?

So, with that said I hope your 2015 is great so far. Mine is a mix of both happiness and sadness. But it should be fine.

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No matter how unbelievable it is, some people come and go as is. I experience this a lot which makes me really scared to trust a person and open up to him/her.

But it’s something we really don’t have control of which makes it really sad. Why does one go away anyway? One day you’re the closest, the next day you’re strangers…and I feel bad a it.

More than lovers, friends should actually stay friends no matter what right? But it doesn’t always end that way, I wish it did.

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