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I can’t believe I’m really turning into a zombie for this song, What does the fox say? While I’m that person who really don’t like to go along with what’s in (especially during the Oppa Gangnam Style days)

Have you heard of this song? Probably, when I first heard it – I thought the lyrics was really meaningful as the melody was really catchy. But after seeing the video, I was shocked and laughing so much. Even up to now, when I play this and watch the video, I can’t help but thing where they get the confidence to sing it (pertaining to the singers, Ylvis brothers). Then there’s another song titled “Stonehenge” which has a pretty much same spirit of asking some things that are well, unanswered? Haha!

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November is here! Just a few more sleeps and the moment that I’ve been waiting for all year is finally coming – Christmas! I don’t know, it must be because I’m excited for that 1 week off from work or so. It’s time to make a wish list too! Part of my list is those cool flatwound bass strings, I’m thinking of getting a bass guitar you know…maybe. In the end however, my love for gadgets win over my want for other things. Making this entry short, I’ll leave it to you guys to think on things you might want to prepare for Christmas, especially your wallets! LOL!

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