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I was talking to an online friend last night who’s been blogging for more years than me. I asked her opinion on how she keeps stability with her blogs and she said, it’s a must to update them every other day.

That shoot me hard to the bones as I haven’t really had that blogging passions for about 3 years now. At some point, I got tired. I only wanted to update whenever there was something needed to do and I always felt like wanting to put new themes or layouts first which I never succeed to do.

However, I’m thinking that maybe if I can put my 2 hours or 1 hour a day into 1 or 2 blogs every other day this might work for me. The commenting back part is the hardest however.

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I submitted all my “active” blogs/websites to Google Webmaster Tools while not busy today. My original plan was to submit one of my blogs to many blog directories but I don’t really know worthy blog directories to submit sites into now.

I think one factor why none of my websites has progressed for the last 2 years is because I haven’t been really paying attention to them, I’m just posting away – this and that, the end.

Well, having to post to 11 blogs isn’t really easy when you don’t all the time in the world and when you do, you want to sleep or be lazy. I know I always say this but it’s the truth for me. But I’ll always try to do what I can! I also plan to launch many other sites so I should really start catching up and also start doing my best to somehow keep my websites updated if I want success.

I made it once and I can do it again if I wanted to, I just need focus and patience and well, TIME.

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