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Domokun babies <3

Domokun babies <3

Random. Mom gave me these cute Domokun cell charms some days ago. I was surprised because I have already forgotten she cared about me (LOL) but anyway, one got broken T.T

I’m going to use it in my newly cased Nokia 5310 yehay. For your information, I’m a big fan of Domokun – influenced by my close blogger friend Jean of oh-some.info. She haven’t blogged as much as I do but she’s a great blogger. Younger than me, at her age, she has some talent. I miss the old times :P

Anyway, do you like Domo too? I mean, Domokun :)

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I obviously haven’t any full-effort post lately. I had to make up for my absence in my other blog. I’m focusing on website layouts at most so then afterwards, I’m going to fix up my main blog, my blog directory, my websites and my portfolio. Huhu. Then, I need to participate in all of my aunt and dad’s activities for the time being because they don’t get back home so frequent, right? Other than that, there’s graduation at the other corner, should I go hunt for a job asap? Huhu, I want to have something to present first :| (that is, my portfolio). I’m still confused between everything. Mom and dad says if I wanted to, I can study again but I don’t really like my profession that much if you ask me, I want to switch to MMA but that would mean re-studying and that course is so costly.

At the end of this all, I hope I survive. LOLS. Later, we’ll be having this reunion stuff. To tell you honestly I don’t want to go, relatives will probably go saying I got so much weight again or so, like they actually see me everyday -_- Then, there will be comparisons over who’s the best and who’s got this and that…good thing Christian’s going to come with us, hopefully, if we do wake up, and if he wakes up on time :P

I’m actually torn at the moment because we were about to buy Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 but I so want an iPad 2. Huhuhu.