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I was pretty thirsty and I also picked up a snack yesterday on my way home. So, I ended up buying this cute bottled juice! It’s so small yet sweet! In apple flavour!



It’s not that expensive as well so it was really great I found out about it. I’m going to make it my favourite juice next to C2 :)

I paired it with Magic Flakes Barbeque flavour in mini pack and I had a lovely snack. I guess I should try others next time!

Needless to say, OMJuice baby! Have you tried this one? I’m guessing it was actually meant for kids.

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Crustasia Asian Distro

Crustasia Asian Distro

Forgive me for failing to take pictures of the food we had at Crustasia awhile ago. Huhu. It’s because I feel awkward taking pictures of food inside lol plus I’m with the relatives, what would they think? But anyway, I’ll still make this post about them!

According to mom, they serve foods from Thai & also Vietnam, while with Google search, I read they’re from Singapore as well (confusing) but well to sum it all up let’s just make it “asia” since it’s their tag line as well (I saw their old logo in Google saying “Asian Distro“)

And because their name says it all, we ordered a spoonful of crustaceans (crabs!) I ate so much. I didn’t eat rice because I’m currently trying to lower my daily consumed food. They also had that soup from Thailand, I forgot the name, I didn’t like it but they did (that sour one with shrimps) I ate the shrimps though.

I liked their place at most, it was so relaxing and the huge lamp shades caught our attention – they were so huge and decorative that mom wanted to have one at home!

We also had Lapu Lapu. I must say it was okay, I didn’t ask mom about how expensive it was (it could be given that the restaurant is extravagant.

For a friendly get together, they can be a choice for you :)

They can be found at most places in Philippines, we ate at the branch at Shangri La Mall in the 6th floor I think.