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The IT career field contains knowledge you may not even know exists. So much information is out there to learn and absorb that a college education simply cannot cover it all. Luckily, IBM has a large number of “specialty” exams that can teach and verify knowledge of specific terms, concepts, and technologies. Participants looking to expand their knowledge and elevate their skill level should waste no time in taking an exam. Passing is simple, especially with the use of resources such as ExamTrace.com. The value of the exam will exceed the initial price almost as soon as you begin training. The certification, in addition to the amount of knowledge you will take in, is an accomplishment that will waste no time in showing importance.

Spending your time and money on an exam should be viewed as an investment. IBM offers knowledge that can’t be gained elsewhere. The entire testing experience is designed to give the individual what he/ she needs in order to succeed in the business. The individual tests guide rather than challenge, without compromising difficulty. Questions center on practicality; participants must know how to apply concepts and practices to real life, on the job scenarios.

Although many exams and certifications are intertwined, most of the knowledge is contained within each exam. There is no pattern by which participants must take the exams. Any individual, regardless of educational background, can take any exam he/she pleases. The number of certifications a person can learn is undefined. IBM certifications are recognized as some of the best in the field, and candidates will reap the benefits almost immediately after passing an exam.

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Many has officially gone out of school, in other words – graduated. And yes, I’m included to those since you’ve seen me with my graduation posts.

What comes after graduation then? Well, having a job! However, in my case, I don’t want to go for a job yet…at least, not for now. I don’t even know what job I really want! I used to, but so many things confused me and then also hinder me from focusing on my dreams. Actually, I want to be a professional webdesigner.

Moving on, what do you actually see yourself with your first job? My Christian just got his and I’m pretty happy for him because he’s getting an unexpected salary, compared to what we were discussing. I’m not sure what he’ll be there in the company, but definitely, he’ll be a programmer. I’m so happy for him. Before, what he intended to take up was actually engineering. Who knew he’d enjoy programming than I did? It suits him so well since he’s so good in math.

I suppose he’s going to enjoy it there since he’s going to do what his passion is. That’s what I want too! Well, maybe in a month or two I’ll find that job that I really like and be happy of.

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