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March 2015
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March – said to be the start of summer. Everywhere (in our country) heat is rising up and you just can’t bear it! In some places, with bad cases, there could be fire caused. Now that isn’t cool.

So on this month it is important to make it a point to check your house for a vibration mounts update and its basic structure. Is it prone to fire? Is it sturdy?

You see no one can tell when accidents can happen so it’s better to stay safe and sound – make sure everything is at their best condition because it’s not just hot this month but also scary with the fire that could start up!

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My notebook got drowned because mom forgot to hook off the washing machine hose – so funny it is coincidentally somehow the same with my horoscope which I read after. Good thing I was able to save most of my drawings though, at least, I think…

I never get to actually work on my plans because I always do house chores lately – with devotion. I want to help mom out or at least, lessen her activities at home which is somehow good but I wonder if she really appreciates it at times.

Summer Kawaii Goodness!
Summer Kawaii Goodness!

I mean, there are still more times that she sees what I’m not doing rather than what I am really doing. Not that I want to complain. But often I just shrug all her complains off. It’s like I suddenly lost the will to complain because I got tired knowing I’d never win. I look at it as an opportunity to learn how to be responsible in a way…besides, I don’t want to go to work – for now. But often I feel so lonely because both of them (mom and Christian) are always tired, telling stories about work, not minding my issues…never mind.

I don’t want to be sad! So, I’ll just move on with this anyway. How’s my drawing right here?:) It’s one of my favorites.