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There’s this live wallpaper in Google Playstore that captured my heart that I ended up buying its premium version! It’s called Cute Planet Unlimited. Fortunately, I had funds for that.

Oh so cute planet!

Oh so cute planet!

You can actually build your own planet, then for every shop you make or house there’s a game to play! They look too cute you wouldn’t think they were hard. They are! It’s like hitting two stones with one hit because there’s a cute live wallpaper on your phone while there are about 5 or more games you can play.

I must say purchasing it is worth it! Because those points let me decide what I want on my planet. Then I also purchased a Nova Launcher theme called Transplacid. Because it seemed to go along with it. However, I may be reverting to the stock display soon as I plan to buy a new sd card then upgrade my memory. Hope that goes well! What can you say about this colorful live wallpaper?

I fixed some things not so long ago before the new year and I was able to take a picture of my collection of stickers.

Collection of Stickers

Collection of Stickers

I was a bit overwhelmed because it’s been awhile since I bought new ones, actually I bought new ones this new year and December because I couldn’t resist! Heehee. I saw some cute ones while at the Fashion Circle in where, I lost some cute stickers that were supposed to be mine. That’s another story..but, oh well.

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