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These Minions from Despicable Me (movie) have become a craze lately. I guess it’s because they’re intensely cute and adorable. I’m starting to want and collect them now as well, oh no!

Minions {wikia.nocookie.net}

Minions {wikia.nocookie.net}

For sure, many are going to use them as their marketing strategy as Mcdo has done. Better know good web print solution for that now!

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Today, Christian was almost late if it weren’t for me making a missed call! I wonder if the same thing happened yesterday, he forgot his phone at home that he had to go to work without it. I wonder? I think I’m right about him being late yesterday!

This makes me want to really buy him a decent watch. I saw these St. Moritz watches that were fitted for men. Looking at them reminds me of him. He’d appreciate this very much since it will keep him on time! Hopefully!

I guess the same goes for me sometimes too, and everyone else who are always late!

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