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I just found out my funds are already through my bank! Yay! Meaning, I can go shop for a bit. I’m thinking of getting a class 10 mini SD card and try that memory swap for my phone so it’d have more storage – more fun. But yeah, then I also want to buy a portable wifi device (I think that’s around 4k though). I’ve been thinking it’s a more advisable utility for me since I bring around 2-3 gadgets which means I need wifi with me, everywhere! It would save me a ton as well since I spend 300 PHP a month and that only works for one device. If I had that, I can use my internet with all of my device anytime and anywhere (as long as I have battery!)

But I’ve got a feeling that I’m hoarding too much gadgets lately since I bought yet another phone (and I still want to pursue the other mobile phone which I liked actually). Is that weird? I think so not since there are also those who collect silver eagle coins and other random things. It’s just like an outlet of passion and stress for me.

My notebook got drowned because mom forgot to hook off the washing machine hose – so funny it is coincidentally somehow the same with my horoscope which I read after. Good thing I was able to save most of my drawings though, at least, I think…

I never get to actually work on my plans because I always do house chores lately – with devotion. I want to help mom out or at least, lessen her activities at home which is somehow good but I wonder if she really appreciates it at times.

Summer Kawaii Goodness!
Summer Kawaii Goodness!

I mean, there are still more times that she sees what I’m not doing rather than what I am really doing. Not that I want to complain. But often I just shrug all her complains off. It’s like I suddenly lost the will to complain because I got tired knowing I’d never win. I look at it as an opportunity to learn how to be responsible in a way…besides, I don’t want to go to work – for now. But often I feel so lonely because both of them (mom and Christian) are always tired, telling stories about work, not minding my issues…never mind.

I don’t want to be sad! So, I’ll just move on with this anyway. How’s my drawing right here?:) It’s one of my favorites.