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Notice how printed as are not as massive as they were before. And now, publishers and advertisers interact through online companies – some even provide pay per download services.

I have to admit how I prefer the “online” presence rather than looking at leaflets and I’m sure everyone would because everyone would rather spend time online than reading or picking up papers being giving away now.

But it’s important that we make it a point to choose the right websites to publish on too, even the right techniques and approaches.

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This is..

Well, it says it all! But honestly I am not so back much in blogging, as you can see my last updates were like, last week. Still, I do check my blogs, my email, my social networking accounts. I usually go online via my iPod or mobile phones given the opportunity they are wifi 8D

But I was surprised to see this in my dashboard. Actually I have been thinking of plans of coming back to blogging fully, like, I want to make a layout for ze other pink blog. I need to practice my web designing schools too y know, I need a portfolio too because I’ll be on OJT next semester however…

THESIS SUCKS. huuuu. I need an online job again too as I have bills to pay and some stuff to save up. A friend recommended me to try out Technical Writer Jobs. I was doing writing jobs before. But I kind of stopped because I was like, brain drained! LOL. I do admit it was great because through writing I got to express myself, earn bucks to buy stuff I needed and wanted.

But for now, I think I’ll stick to blogging. It’s more fun!

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