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Do you believe in magic? I have often wondered if magic is real or not, for sure, many feels the same. They say magic isn’t actually something that can be seen by the naked eyes but magic is something that also can be felt like falling in love, finding a friend and that giggly feeling when you are hugged.



Whether what kind of magic is that you believe in – magic exists, in different ways you might have been overlooking. There’s no such thing as magical though because magic is faith. Faith is magic as well, that is how I feel. How about you?

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Taylor Swift is one of my favorite singers although I’m not that devoted – I like her songs as I could relate to it pretty much especially during my younger years. She’s also someone to admire for her beauty and skills in music although I was pretty off about the boyfriend thing.

Taylor Swift!

Taylor Swift!

She was more loveable when she was younger. But like life, celebrities are human and so they change. While some change for good some get into troubles, I must say Taylor Swift hasn’t gone the bad way so far…except again, for the boyfriend issues. She wrote songs that way anyway, right? Nothing bad about it much I guess?

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