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I’m starting to get used to walking roads of Ortigas. Although I can’t say I’m a pro like mum or bf, or bff. It would be nice to work around there because it’s near our house and SM Megamall is so accessible *w*

But I still believe its tougher on drivers including truck drivers, they probably need gps for truckers especially for those who aren’t familiar with the place they’re going to. I wish they were more affordable!

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Summer in our country is getting worse. I mean, it’s a fun time and all but the heat can really cause you lots of pain and headache. You can melt down anytime, even with air conditioners on, with multiple electric fans. Gosh.

Makes you really want to wish for a pool paired with nice pool covers to keep it from boiling because of the blazing sun. Mom says there’s this so called “sun flare” that’s causing everything plus that our ozone layer is no longer as thick as it was before.

Accompanied by the hot weather are the rising electric bills. I wish they would all magically be solved. This means I got to really take things seriously now. But to tell you honestly, I don’t think anything’s fair even in blogging world, for me, since no matter how I work hard, I get the same results – some times, even bad ones :( Oh well, I need to go sleep now! I’ll just go update later. Been lazy for days.