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June's first pic.q

June’s first pic.

I was supposed to post this last 1st of June, while my internet was from my phone’s modem. Luckily, I no longer have to deal with this. This time Smart peeps didn’t fail us! Of course I blame the part of having to wait for a week to my scaredy cat self who didn’t want to handle things on my own so we had to wait for Saturday (last Saturday). Now, I have a happy internet!


Yay! Actually it’s already the 11th day of June. Meaning to say, I haven’t posted for about a week and 4 days. So sorry for that. Like I said, I took some break. I’m blogging massively right now on my blogs hohoho. Not doing back posts though but scheduled posts instead, we’ll see! Maybe I’ll do back posts on the other ones..

I’d also like to report that I’m no longer in that apartment we used to stay in! With no other choices anyway, I’m back to where I was before and for a week, I was also out of internet. It was back last Saturday but on weekends, I don’t really blog or whatsoever. Often, I just tweet or facebook through my phone or watch movies on the net book. These days are like my day-offs. Heehee. I’ll try to post often again. I’m out of ideas of what to post :/


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