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Oh yes. Finally, there’s decent internet. No need to sacrifice my Android phone’s battery life. I was also making a post last night through Blackberry but it won’t go through. I gave up and just slept.

One more thing is that I’m finally seeing this site because I was not able to. I had to do flushdns a bunch of time. I hope that this time it’s for real and stable and that  won’t see that default cgi thingy.

So much for that I have also browsed my saved photos and it appears I have loads of cool photos to post! I’ll save them up for later :”> You’ll see. So here, I’m back to work I guess? Sort of. I still need to drop by school. Huhu.

Actually, I lost two posts here and on my other rainbow blog. Oh well, not that it matters, it was pretty long and also – dramatic! Haha. There’s no point in re-posting the one for this blog though, I just don’t feel like doing so.

Beginning tomorrow, I won’t be staying here in our so called “home”. It’s pretty sad, hmmm, but I guess it’s exciting at the same time althought moving houses is really something that will make you tired and sleepless. So much to do. So well, at the same time, I’m fixing blogs because of the failure of my other web host. Good thing I found a new home ONLINE. :)

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