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Summer – that time of the year when all you’d want to wish for is for Winter to come already because of the scarce heat and hot temperature. Did I say, I can’t wait for Winter in a sentence already? Because I can’t!

Floral Summer Dresses

Floral Summer Dresses

So, there must be a new set of clothes for summer that can ease up this raging heat! According thefashionpolice.net , as shown above, floral summer dresses are the best pick for summer time. They’re easy to move around with, they’re not too covered (so you don’t sweat too much) and they’re fresh-looking because of the designs. It’s up to you if you’d go for light ones or the dark ones, but if you ask me I think lighter ones are better. Now, if only I had the time and money to get some of these!

Just another day. I haven’t updated my other blogs because of consecutive back pains I’m having. I was already finish with my personal blog’s layout but I haven’t converted it yet and also have not customized comments template. I’ve been wanting to finish all this and also work on back posts and scheduled posts but I haven’t been feeling well because of my back pain as I’ve mentioned. I’m planning to buy a whole set of study table, or maybe Christian will buy me one. That’s still too long though. I hate it so much because I want to do so many things.

I hope I’ll be able to do what I want soon other than house chores and taking care of my silly pets…and also get a kitten. Hehe. Due to my other host’s issue with WordPress mobile, I can’t update them as easy like this. Yup, I’m on my phone right now. It would be nicer to be on computer though…

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