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My name is Camille (or Nadine), a rainbow doll, a star girl. I'm a front end developer in Philippines, 20teen and my favorite food is pizza. And you?
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I actually thought Rainbow Doodles was really nice. However I never really got the time to draw anymore. Huhu. So, I decided to change it. It’s still me blogging random things at times – so I though of Rainbows & Thoughts. It’s more fitting that way!

Anyway, I’d really like to update my blogs and do web stuff. However, my boyfriend has influenced me to sleep whenever we get home after work (I did that before only not everyday). On weekends, I tend to be VERY VERY consumed of going outside or doing anything not related to computers.

I guess I’m partly lazy…but at the same time tired? Ugh. Yet I hope I can make some improvements soon. I feel sad for my blogs and sites and plans! Grr.

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Do you know who Snoopy is? Back then, he was really famous! (And even now). He’s an adorable dog with a very fun comics. I didn’t really get to read the comics since I was really young but I was a collector of Snoopy stuffs. In fact it was probably one of my first love other than color blue (before, blue was my favorite color). My aunt introduced me to Snoopy and I fell in love with his simple cuteness.


So when I heard about SnoopyStore.com I was so ecstatic! Nowadays, it’s actually really hard to find Snoopy collectibles since he’s not as much as famous anymore as he was. But now, that’s not a problem for me anymore!

In SnoopyStore you can find everything and every Peanut related products, from shirts to stuff at the kitchen! This makes me want to go back for my love for Snoopy.

So give some Snoopy love!

Disclaimer: This post was created in partnership with a sponsor. All opinions are of my own. 

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