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December has ended, on this month I was able to finally have a Blackberry phone! Thanks to dad and mom :) What I want now though are tablet laptops. I haven’t owned one, ever! Haha! But I know it’s more expensive than mobile phones although there are cheap ones, with specs not as good as the branded ones though.

Whatcha’ think? I’ll be saving up for that! I still have so many domains to renew to think off, while I haven’t made profit lately since I haven’t been really ‘blogging’ like real ‘blogging’ because of stupid school schedules and OJT, I’m even sick ;(

Well, let’s see!


They call this thing iTablet! Nice ;)

I finally got an Android phone, it was last 2 weeks ago! I can’t believe I didn’t blog about it. Well, I think I mentioned it but I forgot, sorry for my lame laziness. But anyways, it was a Samsung Galaxy Mini or Samsung GT-S5570. It’s not that much of a high end, in fact it’s the most affordable one but cute! Even though Samsung Galaxy Ace and the others have better specs, it’s suitable for me for its style.

But other than wanting buying a BlackBerry phone, I want to experience having an HTC mobile phone. Such as this incredible s bell that I saw. Unfortunately, for now I got  to save! Tss. My target is to buy a BlackBerry phone, hopefully, by the end of August :)

HTC Incredible!

HTC Desire is also a must! Haha, but there’s no way I can buy that. I guess, maybe a few years after I graduate :)

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