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Good morning! It is a very sunny day today. I feel like going out to get some sun since I am always stuck here in my room every day so I do not get enough sunlight anymore. But before that, I did my daily routine first. I warmed up a little then cooked breakfast. Today I decided to have hotcakes.

It is easy to prepare yet it is very delicious. It is really good for breakfast. I also had hot chocolate drink with me and it is a perfect combination with the hotcake. With this breakfast I guess I am ready for this day.

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Do you know that the food you eat may be the reason why you are having pimples? Yes you read it right. There are right foods to eat if you do not want to have pimples. I know no one want to have pimples so you better know what these foods are. The most important are fruits. Among these are avocadoes, which are rich in Vitamin B that will calm your skin when the pimples come out, and the mangoes that contain Vitamin A that repairs damaged cells. Other helpful foods are baked potatoes that reduce the scars after having pimples.

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