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March 2015
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Time flies indeed! March, summer is here! It’s also my birthday month but I’m not getting any younger argh! I don’t think I can celebrate it as much as well since there’s work on that day. That’s sad. Originally, I planned to take a day off that day but I got sick this February so I’m out of allowed absences at work :/

hello march!

hello march!

But there are always good things with March. One, many will finally be graduates! I remember the feeling, although my graduation wasn’t really anything grand. It’s all worth it after all :)

So, celebrate summer with mics guitar center on a lazy day. Well, I don’t have vacation so I’ll spend mine of every weekends!

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Many has officially gone out of school, in other words – graduated. And yes, I’m included to those since you’ve seen me with my graduation posts.

What comes after graduation then? Well, having a job! However, in my case, I don’t want to go for a job yet…at least, not for now. I don’t even know what job I really want! I used to, but so many things confused me and then also hinder me from focusing on my dreams. Actually, I want to be a professional webdesigner.

Moving on, what do you actually see yourself with your first job? My Christian just got his and I’m pretty happy for him because he’s getting an unexpected salary, compared to what we were discussing. I’m not sure what he’ll be there in the company, but definitely, he’ll be a programmer. I’m so happy for him. Before, what he intended to take up was actually engineering. Who knew he’d enjoy programming than I did? It suits him so well since he’s so good in math.

I suppose he’s going to enjoy it there since he’s going to do what his passion is. That’s what I want too! Well, maybe in a month or two I’ll find that job that I really like and be happy of.

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