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When I was a kid, I know to myself that I had a very graceful hair. My hair would fall on my face just perfectly! But I was always lazy to comb my hair, I was always not tidy and it was always down. I also had bangs, I loved those! And even now…

But not all of us are lucky to have a beautiful hair. For some, they are not blessed with it. However, I heard about cost of hair transplant that seems to be good solution for those who are having some real hair problems!

Well, it is very hard to maintain a beautiful hair. In my opinion, sometimes even pricey. Some others maintain theirs by going to the parlor every now and then. Some of them even cut it periodically to get rid of split ends. And me? Well, I go to the salon/parlor every three years I think. I don’t really mind having a long hair – I do mind whenever I get irritated with it.

So, if you want a beautiful hair you better protect it from the sun (first of all) they say it damages hair. Then, use hair conditioner. Don’t use shampoo too often because it can cause problems, I think that’s what caused my dandruff.

And for those who is serious about the hair transplant thing, give it a try! I hope it does well for you and then you’ll be having that awesome hairstyle! Okay, see you around guys! Always take care of yourselves, not just your hair!

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Having a beautiful hair is probably one of the biggest achievements a girl can have. But girls, you do not have to go to any salon to get a beautiful hair. Just by knowing the right kinds of foods to eat, you will surely have a beautiful hair. For a strong and healthy hair, you should eat more of eggs and poultry. Salmons are good to prevent dry hair. Nuts can keep your scalp healthy. Avocadoes contain antioxidants to prevent your hair from becoming flaky and dry. Broccoli and carrots can moisturize your hair and scalp. Start to add them on your diet and you will notice your hair become beautiful.

Credit for Image : styletips101.com

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