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The immune system is our body’s natural defense against diseases. That is why it is important that we boost our immune system. We need to eat more fruits and vegetables, lean protein, avoid fats, minimize eating dairy products, drink green tea, and of course exercise regularly. By doing all of the mentioned things, we can be healthy and that means that our immune system is successful, working hard seven days a week. Without our immune system, we will not be protected against diseases so we should know how to take care of it to ensure that it is properly functioning.


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Are you aware that there are foods that can be the reasons why you might get cancer? You should know them before it’s too late. These foods that I am talking about are processed meats, for they contain sodium nitrate that is one of the top causing cancer food, French fries, for they contain acrylamide that can cause cancer, doughnuts, for they are fried at a high temperature that creates acylamide, and also chips and crackers for they contain trans fats that can cause cancer. I know, those foods are very delicious. I didn’t even believe it myself but it is true. We should moderate eating those foods.


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