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Today is probably one of the worst days of my life. I planned to do so many things knowing I won’t be able to do much tomorrow because we’ll be going off somewhere again but it’s just all so wrong because stupid internet here at the hotel we’re staying at malfunctioned.

I waited whole day, because my mom won’t go and fix it. And now, I missed talking to Christian, plus, I was not able to do my tasks :( They’re gone in the wind.

Needless today, this day is bad. But I feel worse for elders who can’t control themselves that they need incontinence products to get through the day. They get stressed to which somehow triggers their anxiety attack. It must be hard to be like that so these people need special attention, we should buy what they need and listen to what they want. I’d do the same for people close to me.

I hope tomorrow will be a better day, I don’t want to sleep now because I haven’t done so much stuff. The start of the day was actually happy, it’s just all, ruined now :(

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