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I have a secret that must have been already obvious (especially if you follow me in my social network accounts). What is the secret you ask? Well, Tumblr saves me.

Tumblr truly saves me a thousand words and a thousand of thoughts because through it, I can get ideas on what to post. Usually, I post about what I recently posted their which have been posted via my Instagram account.

Thing is I don’t have much of time anymore to gather awesome photos nor think about topics. Even if I had topics in mind I eventually forget it.

So, I’m really glad there’s tumblr and it saves me a ton of time and thinking!

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I recently read about Stitchagram while researching something at Mashable. I find it really cool! As a user of Instagram I would love to have a pillow of my uploaded pictures! Who wouldn’t I’d snuggle it every night.

Although, I don’t know how much it costs. Probably costly specially because our country is far from where their company resides. But I can always save for that ;)

It will be a nice gift for this coming Valentines too. Many people are also starting to use Instagram as the iOS era is still continuously growing. Soon enough, probably, about 5/10 people would have an Instagram account.