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My boyfriend doesn’t realize how much I am pissed off for him being well…absent. I mean, we Gtalk, we don’t even use the video feature! So boring. We should be happy because it’s free, there are those video conferencing solutions that cost a lot (but I guess they’re of better quality!).

Well, what I’m saying is, we’re missing a lot of happy times because his internship is taking long! I’m burning time by sleeping – because I don’t feel like going to school on my own (pretty much, can’t).

Oh well, I am wondering how I will be after graduation I feel like…clueless.

Well, my internship is finally over. I just need some signatures and certificate stuff. I should be, of all people very happy and excited for graduating…but I am not :(

I don’t know why, I don’t even feel like ‘blogging’ like I promised I would. I just feel, so lonely and sad. Maybe partly because my online friends and I aren’t as tight as we used to be? Maybe because I don’t really know what to do after graduation like mom said. Maybe because I don’t want THEIR plans for me, I don’t know mine either.

You see? I am confused! More than anything, more than anyone. And I don’t know how to be okay. Enough sleep doesn’t do it at all. And if I’m not thinking of this, I think of the bills I have to pay online, will I be still able to pay them? LOL.

I feel so down, just really.