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So I said I went for the check-up right? Anyways, I went to iCare Clinic. It’s pretty nice, lots of people were there. It’s not that big, just small and we weren’t there very long because I don’t know, maybe I was lucky? LOL.

But I noticed people there were wearing casual clothes. Maybe they only wear scrubs in big hospitals? As far as I can remember only the dentists and the people who worked on lab tests wore proper medical scrubs. I wonder why. What do you think?

Well, as long as I’m okay now, I guess it isn’t so bad there :P

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When we get sick, when we aren’t feeling well – who do we go to? Who comforts us in hospitals when we feel sore and worried about everything?

These are our nurses and doctors and they save our day. Every now and then they find ways to make us feel better, be good and get rid of our sickness or illnesses. Now, wouldn’t it be nice if we did a little something to pay back for their hard work?

Some ideas for gifts to them could be dickies scrubs for men or fashion seal cotton scrubs for women! They would be lovely, mind you. It’s something that our nurses and doctors will find very helpful for their work. Think of how many times they get stained with the blood of some injured patients, just how tiring.

So if you know anyone do a good deed and give them high fashion scrubs that they might like not only will this help them be fab while working but also help them save, they will appreciate that a lot!

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