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My name is Camille (or Nadine), a rainbow doll, a star girl. I'm a front end developer in Philippines, 20teen and my favorite food is pizza. And you?
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But that’s something hard to do. Anyway, come look at Klapaucius’ home screen!


On the contrary, the weather is weird lately – it’s raining, slightly but it’s still very hot. I can’t stand the heat! It makes me even more lazier and it’s so uncomfortable to move because you sweat a lot. I think I shall shop for new clothes I can wear that’s comfy for this kind of changing weather~

BUT, for now I got to stick with it. At least, while I’m busy with school stuffs and some errands. I only go out during school days anyway and that’s only three times a week. LOL.

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I haven’t blogged due to the fact that I was so disappointed that this blog, that I worked very hard on wasn’t accepted in that paid to post company I am currently writing for with my other blogs. It triggered my interest to fade slowly, and now I’m trying to bring back that inspiration.

I was told to blog here for another two months, it’s a challenge because I do not know how to handle 20+ blogs at the same time still sleep, and be able to cope up with school.

Do you? Well, at least I will try. I don’t know how I can do that but I know I will be able to make it, I will do my best! Then I will be able to buy a new laptop that I can use to finally be able to make web layouts non stop and program endlessly! So guys, wish me luck :)

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