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Please, don’t kill me for not blogging poor blog x_x aaaaaaah. Well, as usual, if I’m not either busy, I am not in the mood to blog. My PR3 blog already lost its PR3 down to PR2 because I neglected it. I didn’t really, I was already starting posting but I ruined my schedule. If I’m correct, my schedule is already ruined, at all times! X3

I wake up really late, I sleep really late. Sometimes, it’s the result of not being able to sleep. Sometimes it’s because of our freagin’ thesis. Haha!

But I know at some point, I’m going to have to make up for it. I promise you that :)

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I was so hype because I got a good news but now so down because some girl is accusing me of something, that has been DONE TO ME that I really despise.

Do not accuse when you don't know the truth.

Sucks when people owe you something then they either ‘make up’ things or ‘accuse you’ just for the sake of getting back at you when you get mad at them because they owe you something they haven’t paid for, for a very very very long time.This pissed me off. I was working on our thesis documentation. I think I’ll just play Bakery Story and also get some sleep since I’m no longer in the mood. I hope later will be a better day. I know God is good and I know there’s no room for sadness, I don’t need sadness – I know He’s got amazing plans. I guess all I can do is pray for these people who are very unfair to others who’ve been so patient and nice to them :)

Credits for the Image: thetruthaboutpronerestraint.com

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