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I am not into social networking sites anymore. I do not know why I suddenly got bored. I just use them to update my friends, on how they are doing and stuffs like that. But of all the social networking sites, I think I use twitter the most.

I have more online friends than offline friends, if I am not mistaken. I like tweeting what’s happening and I like replying back to people’s tweets. In fact, I met my best online friends through twitter. Twitter lets me keep updated of what is happening everywhere, and it also makes people updated on what I am doing.

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What is happening on Tumblr? Many people are saying that they have Faceless Followers and they are from 4chan. I am not really aware of 4chan but I think it is also a social networking site. When they say Faceless Followers, these followers do not have any dashboard profile. And they follow Tumblr users. I hope this would end soon. War will bring nothing to everyone. They should mind each other’s own business. They can start over again without creating any war. I do not really know who started it, but I just hope that people will not make this worse.


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