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Rainbow Mind! Blogroll Blog Thingies!

The layout was than a day ago or two and today, we made it a point that we would be able to put up the website back up soon! So now, here we are with a new layout and other new stuff!

  • Changed Hosting Plans – You can now pay monthly!
  • Changed a bit of the Terms and Agreements, please read.
  • Free hosting is back – but please read the rules too!
  • A new layout, superb!

It took almost a day to finish this. And I also like how our cpanel now look like.

So Oh Rainbow!

I also emailed everyone regarding other important updates. For those who are still having problems with their websites, don’t hesitate to send a support ticket or ask us in our twitter account. We hope to update more often here! And we hope you like our simple colorful layout:)

Edit: Our private nameservers are now working! From now on, we can use ns1.oh-rainbow.net and ns2.oh-rainbow.net, this if for sure now!:D

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Hi everyone. It’s been a while! So sorry for not updating, and being inactive. I’ve been..uhm, out of the online world I guess :) Anyways, the contest will soon end, have you made your vote already?

For the mean time,we’ll also be opening a free subdomain hosting for everyone! Isn’t that cool? So others who don’t have domains, and can’t find any free hosting can experience blogging/having a website without spending a dime. I know, I already used to have free hosting. But it doesn’t mean it ends there! Details when the site for that is up, tsk.

So how’s everyone doing? I’m planning on giving out special tickets for special discounts :) Now, that’s twice cheaper because our services are already cheap! I’m also setting up a place where you guys can send tickets if any problems occur.

So, have a blessed vacation everyone! Just dropping by :)


We are happy to announce that our private nameservers are working again! And also that a website to open tickets for clients who are having trouble is now up. Just click “Client Support” to get to it.

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