13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why
13 Reasons Why

I remember, last 2 summers ago (yes that long!) I read a book called 13 Reasons Why because I was curious and out of things to do (I just finished reading Twilight)

Anyway, the book is really nice and eye-opening. It talks about a girl who is said to have taken suicide and the one telling the story was a boy who happened to be somehow close to him…in a way. And then there’s a recorded tape he just received.

Overall, the story was full of surprising moments because at one point – there were so many things you wouldn’t think of plus, there’s also a fact that in reality, people are so judgmental that they don’t know what a person really feels.

The book was written by Jay Asher. Now this made me want to read the books I had from my aunt. Maybe in a bit I will read those 🙂

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