Aica’s Birthday

Yesterday, as I have mentioned in my earlier post my cousin celebrated her 18th birthday. I wasn’t really on the mood. I was included in the program, as part of the 18 candles (where you give your wish) and also 18 treasures (where you give a gift and give a relevant reason why you chose that gift for the celebrant)

Aica and Me 🙂

Well, it was my first time to participate in such you see! (As far as I remember). I haven’t attended a debut for a long time actually so I was pretty uneasy. But then when we got there it went fine. I was able to say what I wanted to say and was almost teary eyed for the happiness I have felt in the atmosphere. I didn’t eat much because I was already full we ate a lot in KFC before going there.

Anyways, I’m happy for my cousin! But I really had a hard time wearing the dress. I didn’t wear make up, would you believe that? Attending a debut without make-up? Hoho! I’m really clueless D;

So, this is me 🙂

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