All things new!

The layout was than a day ago or two and today, we made it a point that we would be able to put up the website back up soon! So now, here we are with a new layout and other new stuff!

  • Changed Hosting Plans – You can now pay monthly!
  • Changed a bit of the Terms and Agreements, please read.
  • Free hosting is back – but please read the rules too!
  • A new layout, superb!

It took almost a day to finish this. And I also like how our cpanel now look like.

So Oh Rainbow!

I also emailed everyone regarding other important updates. For those who are still having problems with their websites, don’t hesitate to send a support ticket or ask us in our twitter account. We hope to update more often here! And we hope you like our simple colorful layout:)

Edit: Our private nameservers are now working! From now on, we can use and, this if for sure now!:D

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