Almost there!

Tomorrow, I need to wake up early for doing my assignment that I haven’t passed in our Accounting subject. I hate that subject I hope I’ll be done with that subject.

Aside from that, we are to get our graduation form so we can get a letter to give for our school. It’s completion time for upcoming 2012 graduates. And next semester, we’re to fill in our OJT hours, also my lost subject (because of crappy registrar) which is Networking Security. I hope a get a decent teacher at least, unlike that one my classmates had before.

What can I say, well, I’m almost there. And honestly, I’m still cared I might not get there – I’m still that little kid even after 4 years! Haha! Well, maybe during internship I will grow up, think better and become better. Hsss.

Graduation day, I will be there!

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