Back Online ;)

Back Online! Well, almost. I just loaded up my Christian’s Sun Broadband, good thing it still works after 3-4 months after. I guess there’s a reason why were here (that is, to use it LOL)

But boy, it gives me more expenses than how I should actually save! Grr. Oh well, at least the signal here for Sun Cellular isn’t a screw-up like Smart Broadband and PLDT WeRoam(despite the fact they’re owned by the same company)

We’re staying at my aunts’/grandparents’ for the mean time because like others, our location was flooded (not as bad as before, thank God) but still, there are places with flood hindering us from going out at least, we have to swim.

I think we’ll be here for another week so I decided to load up for the whole week, 250 PHP down the drain. Huhu. Hope the other coming storm is a joke. Well, apparently the earlier one Metro Manila had to go through is just a monsoon, my bad.

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