Burger Steak


Sorry for the bad photo quality. Hehe. I took this photo with my iPod, explains why – it’s only 2.00 MP. But then again, it isn’t so bad because it’s clear enough. I’m too lazy to use my phones nor my digicamera as I would have to go through the hassle of transferring via bluetooth or wire, so I just uploaded it via Facebook in my iPod and then downloaded it. Yes, lazy much.

Anyway, I slept so early than I woke up so early today again – as early as 1 am. I’ve been like this since yesterday. After my tragic yesterdays. I won’t elaborate but if you’re so curious and you know lots about me you’d know about it already. So, I was telling myself to get hungry because I didn’t eat dinner but then luckily the whole day, I ate lots of breakfast and lunch lol.

I got up to feed Nightfury and Twinkle, then also heat up our stove to re-cook the burger steak my mom brought home for me. I saw it in the fridge. I don’t like it much though, can’t even finish it because it sucks without gravy. It’s from Jollibee btw 🙂

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