Protecting yourself from computer viruses

Just lately, my portable HDD acquired a virus from a friend’s laptop. It’s pretty annoying that now I have to find away to get my files about 600 gb there or maybe kill the virus that got in there.

I’m still looking for the right antivirus to use, my old one has already expired and I can’t plug-in my portable HDD unless I find a good one. There’s and many more that might work for me so I hope everything goes well.

Good thing I have a Mac as well, so I can somehow delete unimportant files in case the only remedy would be to reformat my HDD. My only problem however is that I can only store 128 gb of files 🙁

Just so everyone is also aware, my friend told me that apparently this virus comes from MagicSing. We should always be careful with what we put onto our computers, be it files or softwares.