Cpanel Activation problem

So, it strikes again! The cPanel activation problem. There has been a problem with the current DC so according to our main host they’ll be moving somewhere soon. They say it’s supposed to be okay by Saturday or so. Well, I hope so.

I hope you have checked your emails, and then I also tweeted about it. Then I also finally connected this to Networked blogs, please LIKE our page so you’ll get updates.

You can still access your websites (good thing) and also your FTP. The only downside is that you can’t use cPanel features for now (email, addons, etc) but everything is pretty much okay over here. If you can’t see it, it could be your ISP having problems, but then you will be able to see it using public DNS such as OpenDNS.


Sorry for this problem guys, hopefully it gets fixed soon. I will try my best. God bless you all.

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