Cupcake Cravings

Last Friday, somebody in the office had a little feast and there were yummy cupcakes. I was fortunate to get one, it was like a small heaven.


Come Saturday I told my mom about my cravings for that kind of cupcake. Then she bought me a red velvet cupcake at SM Makati. We only had 4 pieces though and I had 2 of those, bwahaha. Yet it’s somehow not enough :'(

Then on Sunday, as usual, we dropped by INGEN and bought a chocolate mango cake (not sure if that’s what it’s called) and 2 cupcakes. I was pretty disappointed though, it wasn’t as yummy as the other two I had before, the icing was rock hard. Meh. Next time, I want to try one from the cafes!

2 Replies to “Cupcake Cravings”

  1. Ano yung INGEN? Gusto ko itry yung chocolate mango cake! I love mangoooo! Hahaha.

    Try mo Sophie’s Mom! Sarap din ng cakes and cupcakes nila dun. :)) Meron yung sa Megamall, alam ko. Hehe.

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