Elegant Gifts: Watches

Lately, my interest with fancy things are increasing, maybe about 30% because it used to be 20%. In particular that I’m starting to adore are elegant watches. I’m thinking of actually buying them as gifts rather than for myself because they’re just too awesome!

Men's Tissot PRC 200 Blue Chronograph Quartz Sport Watch
Men’s Tissot PRC 200 Blue Chronograph Quartz Sport Watch

From viewing www.reeds.com/watch-brands/Tissot-cat115.html, you can tell how amazing this wrist watch is. Men actually love wrist-watches as gifts, for some reason. I don’t know why but I’m pretty sure my guy likes them very much especially the new ones that are more high tech and high end. Boy, at such moments, I wish I had all the money in the world!

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