Epic fail.

I just realized my earlier post had a typo in its title. Instead of “How to start your day” it’s “How to start you day”. FAIL! Haha! Can’t edit though as I’ve submitted it already 😐

Anyways, I hate  today. Well, actually it’s not that I hate the cold weather but it’s the storm! Because of it, my parents won’t let me out and today I was suppose to buy something I have been wanting to buy since last week 🙁


Other than that I wanted to buy my mom a gift and also some materials I need for tomorrow’s first class </3 I really feel sad. I like the cold weather though – I can snuggle my bear and sleep all day. According to mom and dad the govt let out some water from the dam again, wherever than dam is. DAMN! Haha. I don’t have much choice but to sulk here. So bear with me.

Credits to: aumusiclibrary.wordpress.com

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