Excited for Christmas!

I’m excited and I just can’t hide it! I have said this before, I know, but you know I just can’t wait to have that week-long rest and some time with my mom and dad.

Christmas spirit in little bits.
Christmas spirit in little bits.

Mom has already asked me what food I’d like for Christmas. But our home doesn’t have any Christmas decorations yet, just that year-ago decorations we had (yeah, I’m sort of lazy like that)

It’s also time for preparing for Christmas eve – I found a logo printed table runner! It’s so fab! It’d be nice and perfect for this year’s Christmas Eve. Anyway, so much talk, I seriously wish the days would go by fast until 20th (I’m on a half day on that day and it’s the start of my vacation!) but then, I wish it would stop at that moment. That’s my Christmas wish!

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