Hello Christmas!

Well, Christmas is coming closer and closer! Hi everyone, sorry for the 3 month no update, no promos, no whatever. But we’re thankful that clients are still coming in, we’re so happy and very thankful!

Just a while ago, there was a short down time too, glad it was over as soon as it even started. So now, let’s go with the update.

We suddenly realized that contacting us was a problem to clients lately because

1. We don’t check the email frequently (only once or twice a week)

2. We don’t go online gtalk.

3. We don’t have live support.

And so, I decided to make live support possible through yahoo messenger and gtalk! Easiest way, you just add us up and then you can contact us right away.

Online Live Support!

We’ve included an online/offline indicator in the homepage, so you can identify if the live support is available or not.

Just add us up at ohrainbow.hosting@ymail.com (for Yahoo Messenger users) or ohrainbow.us@gmail.com (for gtalk users)

And there you have it, hope to be able to make more updates within this month and this December! God bless everyone! Thank you for supporting Oh Rainbow Hosting!

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