Honestly, need a hand.

LOL. I’m getting frustrated. First, I really do want to finish that layout I’m working on for Ate Lhyz but I also have 5 blogs to update. I’m not even always free, I’m supposed to go on costume hunting today for my creative photo (whatever they call it) but I’m thinking she’s getting a bit ticked off that I haven’t done it in a month! I have a feeling she thinks I’m making excuses but I’m not joking when I’m saying I’m updating tons of blogs! School’s getting in the way too.

Other than hers, I also want to make layouts for my own sites especially my real personal blog, my portfolio, and my blog directory —- etc. But my, how do I do it? I sleep late, I wake up late. Huhu. I’m thinking of sleeping now then waking up VERY early. I just hope I do wake up. I’ll put on my PHONES so I’d wake up. It’d be nice to exercise too. Meeeee. Right? Gosh.

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