How to create FTP account for Subdomain

If you don’t know what FTP is yet, you might want to read this first.

First thing’s first, log on to your cpanel account. Once you’re there look for the “Files” part where you’ll see the “FTP Accounts” icon.

After getting here, you click it then it takes you to another page

Then you fill up the required details, you can choose a generated password

in case you can’t think of a good password. Just remember to jot down your password somewhere.

Now, let’s fill up the required details…

Like when we create a subdomain, the designated directory of files is automatically created.

But if you want to use a different username rather than using the subdomain name just keep in mind the directory of files you generated for the subdomain, here’s an example of using a different username:

Notice that I kept the public_html/dreams but with the username bliss

Lastly, the Quota is the limit of diskpace for an FTP account

The amount provided is automatically in MB or Megabytes (1000 MB = 1 Gig)

After everything is set, click Create FTP Account and then your done!

Keep the information somewhere because it will be needed

for your subdomain hostee to be able to access his/her website files.

How will my subdomain hostees access their ftp accounts?

Through an FTP client like Fireftp, CuteFTP or CoreFTP – your subdomain hostees can access their files provided the username and password you generated.

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