iTunes Pre-Order Benefits

Pre-Order simply means one can order before it is released – in so many reasons, having this option is really nifty especially if you’re a collector. Now, even fans will definitely like this in cases that it’s for a music artist they love.

TuneCore shared their 5 key points on why iTunes Pre-Order benefits both the music artist and the fan:

  • Marketing with Buy Link: Let fans get your song earlier with a more affordable price
  • Marketing Instant Gratification Tracks: Offer fans Instant Gratification tracks so they get tracks are delivered immediately to them if they have made a pre-order.
  • iTunes Marketing: Pre-order sales help out in ranking higher in iTunes, the more sales produced during Pre-order, the more higher your rank will be.
  • Pre-order pricing: This is an optional choice, but it’s a great way to make fans excited, meaning more sales!
  • Fans can get an Automatic Download: Fans who have a pre-order of your release or album can set it up and then iTunes will automatically download the it on the release date.

You can find out more about this great featured in this article by TuneCore



Disclaimer: This post was created in partnership with TuneCore. All opinions are my own.

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