Just another day.

Just another day. I haven’t updated my other blogs because of consecutive back pains I’m having. I was already finish with my personal blog’s layout but I haven’t converted it yet and also have not customized comments template. I’ve been wanting to finish all this and also work on back posts and scheduled posts but I haven’t been feeling well because of my back pain as I’ve mentioned. I’m planning to buy a whole set of study table, or maybe Christian will buy me one. That’s still too long though. I hate it so much because I want to do so many things.

I hope I’ll be able to do what I want soon other than house chores and taking care of my silly pets…and also get a kitten. Hehe. Due to my other host’s issue with WordPress mobile, I can’t update them as easy like this. Yup, I’m on my phone right now. It would be nicer to be on computer though…

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