Major Updates!

I’m doing backups of some accounts right now, but one is taking long. I will be trasferring most of you guys to my new host and then keep some others on my current host for Oh Rainbow due to some reasons of clients – school activities and also some others who will find it a hassle to move again and again. I’m pretty tired of it too.

It hasn’t been really easy on me since I WASN’T GIVEN BACKUPS. But then I just restored the backups I had here ^^, Sorry for all the trouble guys, and for how long your sites has been down (probably about 2 months).

I promise to make it up to all of you this time. I will be sending your details shortly after this post. Thank you so much for cooperating.

I am still accepting new clients and for new clients, they are placed into the new host instead of here. I prefer that new host actually ^^ they propagate faster and they use port 21 for FTP, just like the usual and their customer service is neat! BTW I am now accepting LBC payments!:)

Oh speaking of customer service I think I’ll be working on a billing software so you guise will find it easier to send tickets and also that way, all cpanel creations will be easier.

Well, til here guys. God bless!

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