For almost 3 weeks now I have this huge bump on my right cheek. It really irritates me and it hurts a lot 🙁 Sadly, I do not know how in the world it would go away. Fortunately dad accompanied us for my check-up last Saturday wherein I was given an ultrasound (yes, my cheeks). Today, mom got the result and it was apparently a swollen thyroid (if there’s such a thing). I hope there’s a cure to it, I get frequent headaches, neck pain or so. I even felt that awhile ago, the same thing was already happening to my other cheek 🙁

I pray that I’ll get better soon, I guess I need to drink meds the right way. I wonder how the result actually went? Mom hasn’t been home yet so I still don’t know. As for the title, it’s because it was first suspected as mumps. But wrong doctor is wrong when she said it was mumps. Well, the first doctor we went to at The Medical City. Boy, I really am disappointed of this hospital like before.

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