My January

January is almost over. I was not able to make decent posts T_T It kind of makes me feel bad because part of my New Year’s Resolution was to blog often – although, I got to say, I never got to post one. Haha. So I guess I’m not breaking anything?

Well, the month has been going on like a breeze. I was always busy at work, I had tons of stress cells because of some projects I had to tend to and it’s probably one reason why I just couldn’t drag myself to go online on my Mac anymore to make blog posts or anything. But I told myself a few weeks ago, I really need to bring back the geek in me.

For January though I got to say there’s so much that happened. In particular, a huge shopping happened at National Bookstore! Hoooo! My mom won a contest, amazing mom she is. And I got myself web design/web development books I got to read to learn more and some Japanese books I’d love to start working on or reading already:

The Manga Artist's Workbook
The Manga Artist’s Workbook

My weekends are still lazy and I still wake up late though so by the time I’m up, half of my day has already been spent. Tsk. But I truly have to make time for these stuffs soon. So, there goes my January…how about yours?

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